Supportive Services

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Medication & Case Management

Do you have multiple doctors prescribing multiple medicines and have trouble tracking it all?

Medication management is designed to reduce adverse reactions and hospitalization by ensuring the right medicines are taken at the right times.

Feel your best with confidence.

  • Review current medication Needs
  • Set-up current medications
  • Monitor vital signs
  • Reorder medications as needed
  • Contact your doctor with medication concerns

In-Home Tech Support "The Basics"

Staying connected is difficult no matter your age.

Setting up Wi-Fi, communicating by email or cell phone and streaming television shows can seem overwhelming

Let our team set you up and take the time to teach you how to be successful.

  • Set-up E-mail accounts
  • Wi-Fi configuration and trouble shooting
  • Streaming services and TV support
  • New product recommendations
  • Changing batteries in remote
  • Home or Cell Phone Troubleshooting
  • Password Management

In-Home Personal Training and Healthy Habits Coach

Let’s face it, no one wants to exercise on their own and building a plan can be too much work.

Training with an in-home coach who specializes in working at your level can help you maintain your strength and achieve your goals.

Expand your Mobility!

  • Low impact, helpful exercises
  • One-on-one training in your home surroundings
  • Healthy Meal Planning

Housing Placement

There may come a time when you need to consider moving from your home.

Our team of professionals are available to recommend options, set up tours and help you move based on your unique needs.

  • Assisted Living, Memory Care.
  • Identify best living option for you or a loved one.
  • Narrow options by touring communities
  • Plan for in-home care prior to a move.

Home Organizing, Downsizing and Decluttering

Do you need a positive coach to encourage you to improve your living space?

Organizing a lifetime of treasures, memories and keepsakes requires developing a plan and staying motivated.

  • Identify heirlooms that can be passed along to family members.
  • Donate, recycle or throw away items you no longer need and improve home safety.
  • Select items for a planned downsize.

Professional Personal Assistant

Retirement does not always mean you slow down.

Executive-level communication, information and events require professional assistance.

  • Sorting Sensitive Mail / Mailing Packages
  • Organizing Calendar
  • Planning Special Events or a Trip
  • Prepared Meal Ordering and Delivery
  • Grocery Shopping / Meal Preparation

Peace of Mind Monthly Membership

Designed for independent individuals who need additional engagement from a professional and are not seeking traditional in-home personal care services.

Membership is designed to maximize independence and provide Peace of Mind to loved ones. We don’t just take over. We support and encourage independence.

  • Initial In-Home consultation to establish baseline and goals.
  • Scheduled one-hour monthly consultation to address concerns before they turn into big problems.
  • Ongoing access to SHC case management services
  • Priority access to schedule SHC Standard Personal Care Services if/when needed.
  • 6-month minimum commitment