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2021 | Edition 1

Kit Whittington

Ryan WhittingtonDear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that we’re already two months into the new year! We’re feeling optimistic about 2021. While the Coronavirus still poses a great threat, it’s thrilling to know that we are starting to move in the right direction thanks to vaccine developments and continued safety practices, such as social distancing, wearing masks and frequent handwashing.

We’re so proud of the way that SHC caregivers have overcome the challenges of the last year to provide premium services with compassion and composure. Through open communication and practicing great caution, SHC’s clients, caregivers and office staff continue to face this pandemic with success. In fact, we recently learned that we have been named a Best of Home Care® Leader in Excellence for the fourth straight year! We will focus much of this newsletter on the work and factors that go into determining this great honor.

In closing, we would like to once again reiterate how very blessed we feel to work with such an amazing team. Thanks to you – our clients, employees and community partners – Seniors Home Care has continued to provide dignified care with compassion through this difficult year and will continue to carry out our mission for many more years to come.

Yours in Service,
Kit & Ryan Whittington

Seniors Home Care Receives 2021 Best of Home Care® Leader in Excellence Award

We’re very excited to announce that Seniors Home Care has received the distinguished 2021 Best of Home Care® Leader in Excellence Award from Home Care Pulse, the leading firm in quality assurance for home care. The Leader in Excellence Award is the highest recognition awarded by Home Care Pulse and is given to select home care businesses that consistently rank among the very highest in 10 or more quality metrics. As a Leader in Excellence, Seniors Home Care is now ranked among the top 10% of home care providers participating in the nationwide Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program.

This accomplishment demonstrates SHC’s dedication to excellent care and quality improvement. To qualify for this award, 10% of SHC’s clients and caregivers were interviewed each month by Home Care Pulse. Over a 12-month period, we received high client and caregiver satisfaction ratings in areas such as caregiver training, compassion of caregivers, communication, scheduling and client/caregiver compatibility.

“It’s rewarding to receive recognition for our hard work. I’ve always said that our caregivers and office support are the best-of-the-best. This award helps confirm that. There are a lot of home care options out there and we strive to be the very best,” says Ryan Whittington, Seniors Home Care CEO. “By working with Home Care Pulse, we receive great feedback and then set our goals higher. I think this award demonstrates our dedication to excellence.”

The Best of Home Care® Leader in Excellence Award highlights the top-performing home care businesses in the nation. Home Care Pulse believes that by honoring these providers, families looking for in-home care will be able to recognize and choose a trusted home care provider.

“At Home Care Pulse, our mission is to help home care businesses create an experience that goes beyond client and caregiver expectations,” says Erik Madsen, CEO of Home Care Pulse. “When we see that agencies have made an effort to provide outstanding care and employment experiences, we know we’re on the right track. Seniors Home Care has worked extremely hard to provide high-quality care and employment, and their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. This award allows them to provide proof of quality to potential and new clients and caregivers.”

What does it mean to be a 2021 Best of Home Care® Leader in Excellence?

Choosing a “Leader in Excellence” means choosing one of the best home care providers in the nation—as rated by clients and caregivers in third-party satisfaction interviews.

Best of Home Care® Leader in Excellence is the highest award a home care provider can earn from Home Care Pulse, an independent satisfaction research firm. “Leader in Excellence” is awarded based on client and caregiver satisfaction ratings collected by Home Care Pulse in telephone interviews. Recipients of this award represent the top 15% of providers participating in the Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program. These home care providers have proven that they provide quality care in nearly every satisfaction category measured by Home Care Pulse. Leaders in Excellence have also qualified for the Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice and Best of Home Care® Employer of Choice awards.

What’s required to qualify?

  • Be a Home Care Pulse – Trusted Provider™ for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
  • Complete a minimum of two client and two caregiver satisfaction interviews per month during the previous 12 months or qualifying package.
  • Achieve Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice and Best of Home Care® Employer of Choice in at least 6 of 10 combined client and caregiver satisfaction categories during the previous 12 consecutive months.

Winter Blues

It is that time of year. You may be familiar with feeling the winter blues or know someone who struggles a little more as the temperature drops. For some, it may be an adjustment to seasonal changes. But for others, it can be more serious and affect their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression people experience as the seasons change, most commonly beginning in the late fall or early winter and lasting until spring and summer. Symptoms can vary for each person and include social withdrawal, oversleeping, low energy, and difficulty concentrating. Many of us are spending the winter months at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The effect of physical distancing, coupled with feeling the winter blues or experiencing SAD, can make things even more difficult. It’s important to know how to take care of yourself and your mental health, especially if you notice you’re struggling during the colder months.

Use these tips from the Mental Health First Aid

  1. Build a toolkit. Take time to think about your favorite things to do and what makes you happy. Write down the activities you enjoy on small pieces of paper and place them in a container. When you are feeling down, pick one (or two or three) to try.
  2. Practice wellness and reflection. Try to be present in your days, both good and bad. Reflecting by journaling or meditating can help you remember what you are grateful for or bring up a memory that makes you smile.
  3. Give support and information. If you notice someone close to you struggling, offer your support when you are able. Give reassurance by empathizing with their experiences, offering emotional support, and providing mental health resources.
  4. Ask for help. If you feel yourself experiencing sadness or anxiety for an extended period, ask for professional help. Talk to your primary care physician or a mental health professional for additional information and support. Support groups, faith communities, and peer counselors can also be helpful places for support.

Source: Mental Health First Aid USA

Get to Know…Jane Pfister, HR  Generalist & Recruiter

Jane is a recent addition to Seniors Home Care and she has hit the ground running, putting her Human Resources expertise to great use. In addition to her HR duties, Jane manages caregiver recruiting and retention. She is constantly seeking skilled and compassionate caregivers to join our team. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her to SHC!

Fun Facts about Jane:

  • Has lived in Ireland, Spain, Israel and Brazil.
  • Has a dog named Yadi.
  • Is a rug hooker in her free time.

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SHC Client Testimonial

It was reassuring to have competent, caring and trustworthy aid in my home, which allowed me to get a full night’s sleep. It was good to have excellent care for Ralph, but also assistance for me as need – medically and around the house.
Rita C.