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2023 | Edition 4

Ryan Whittington

Dear Friends,

We hope your holiday season is off to a good start. We recently enjoyed hosting our bi-annual caregiver meetings in which all caregivers come into the office to review company updates and news. It’s always great to see everyone!

We are also excited to begin offering several new services, which we will spend this newsletter reviewing. If you are interested in utilizing or learning more about any of the services covered, please call the office. We would love to discuss these new ways of serving you (and possibly learn of other needs that we might be able to meet).

We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

Yours in Service,
Gretchen & Ryan Whittington

Introducing SHC Supportive Services

Sometimes, needs arise that fall outside the realm of our typical caregiver services. To meet those needs, we’re excited to introduce our new SHC Supportive Services designed to assist in unique areas of need.

These are membership services to help individuals thrive at home. Current support services being offered include:

Medication & Case Management

Medication management is designed to reduce adverse reactions and hospitalization by ensuring the right medicines are taken at the right times. This Includes reviewing and setting up medications, monitoring vital signs, reordering medications as needed, and contacting your doctor if medical concerns arise.

Professional Personal Assistant

Retirement does not always mean slowing down. A professional personal assistant can help sort sensitive mail, organize your calendar, or plan special events or trips.

In-Home Personal Training & Healthy Habits Coach

An in-home coach who specializes in working at your level can help you maintain mobility and strength, and achieve your goals.

Housing Placement Consultation

There may come a time when you consider moving from your home. Our professionals are available to recommend options and arrange tours based on your unique needs.

In-Home Tech Support – “The Basics”

Staying connected, and adjusting to changing technology, is difficult at any age. Our tech support can help set up email accounts, manage passwords, configure and trouble shoot wi-fi connections, help with steaming and television support (including figuring out confusing TV remotes!), and other areas in the technology realm.

Home Organizing, Downsizing & Decluttering

Improve your living space, develop a plan, and stay motivated with a positive coach. Organizing and downsizing can be overwhelming. We can help identify heirlooms to be passed along to family members, as well as arrange for items to be donated, recycled or thrown away. Improve safety and peace of mind through a clean living space.

Peace of Mind Monthly Membership

This is designed for independent individuals who are not seeking traditional in-home personal care services, but may need occasional engagement from a professional. Scheduled monthly consultation helps provide peace of mind and proactively solve concerns before they turn into bigger issues.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these new services, please call the office. We’d love to provide more information and discuss how we may be able to further benefit you!

Get to Know…Steve Wendl

Steve is one of the newest members of the SHC Office Staff. He handles, client billing, employee payroll, accounts payable, and other human resources duties. We’re thrilled to have him on the team!

Fun facts about Steve:

  • Has three dogs (two Pugs and a Scottie)
  • Collects Hot Wheels and guitars
  • Favorite city is Memphis, TN, because of the great music
  • Favorite candy bar is frozen Kit Kats

May Fleming Award Winners

Every month we award the May Fleming Award (named for founder Kit Whittington’s grandmother and inspiration for starting SHC) to a caregiver who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. These are our most recent winners! 

August - Neiosha


September - Angela


October - Azarra



I felt like your company and caregivers helped us a great deal in this most challenging time – getting my wife through 17 months of home hospice. Thanks a million!
                Dave P.