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2024 | Edition 1

Ryan Whittington

Dear Friends,

We hope that your year is off to a great start! There is a lot to be excited about here at SHC. We have once again been recognized as a Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice by the third-party company, Home Care Pulse. Each month Home Care Pulse randomly contacts 10 SHC clients and caregivers to gather feedback. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to speak with them and we hope that you will participate if they reach out to you in the future.

Another reason for excitement is that we have a few new members to the SHC office staff. Kelly, who many of you know from our Scheduling Department, is shifting her role to recruiting and human resources. While she will still assist with some scheduling needs, we have also brought on a new Scheduler, Erin Lanasa, who you will all become familiar with in the coming days!

Additionally, we have welcomed Joyce Patrick to our Accounting Department. We’re thrilled to have her on the team!

Last but not least, we’re very excited to celebrate National Caregiver Day on February 16. Seniors Home Care would be nothing without our amazing caregivers, who we believe are the best-of-the-best. We’re always grateful for the incredible work of our caregivers, but we love a day to give extra thanks for our amazing team!

Yours in Service,
Gretchen & Ryan Whittington

SHC Receives 2023 Best of Home Care® – Provider and Employer of Choice Awards

We’re excited to announce that we have once again received both the 2023 Best of Home Care® – Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice Awards from Home Care Pulse. These awards are granted to the top-ranking home care providers, based on client and caregiver satisfaction scores gathered by Home Care Pulse. SHC now ranks among a small handful of home care providers across the country who have proven their ability to provide an exceptional working experience to employees and the highest quality care to clients.

Since these awards are based on real, unfiltered feedback from clients and caregivers, SHC has proven our dedication to providing a great work environment and solid training to employees, while maintaining their focus on client and caregiver satisfaction.

Best of Home Care providers have contracted with Home Care Pulse to gather feedback from clients and caregivers via live phone interviews each month. Because Home Care Pulse is an independent company, it is able to collect honest and unbiased feedback.

“Our goal at Home Care Pulse is to empower home care businesses to deliver the best home care possible,” says Erik Madsen, CEO of Home Care Pulse. “We are happy to recognize Seniors Home Care as a Best of Home Care award-winning provider and celebrate their accomplishments in building a team of happy, qualified caregivers who provide outstanding care for their clients.”

Return of SHC Blanket Pictures!

Several years ago, we gave away SHC blankets during the holidays and featured “Blanket Pictures” in subsequent newsletters. Recently, our client, Evalyn, remembered that feature and sent us this picture of herself nestled under her blanket. Do you still have an SHC blanket? Send us a picture and you could be in the next newsletter!

Organization Tips

The beginning of the year is a great time to take actions to get organized. Here are a few tips for getting started.

Load up on batteries. It is a simple task, but your future self will thank you for it! With extra batteries on hand, your TV remote will never die when you need it the most, you won’t need to schlep out during a winter storm to restock flashlight batteries, and you need only open a drawer to replace the smoke detector batteries with the familiar chirping begins.

Update your address book and passwords. If you store addresses electronically, delete unused information and update, such as if a friend has moved or married. If you store addresses in print form, complete the same maintenance, but if your address book is overrun with old information, now is a great time to purchase a new one and start fresh. Consolidate all your password information into one space and delete/throw out all old passwords. If you are unsure if a particular password works, visit the site, attempt to use it, and reset your password (then record it!) if needed.

Organize recipes. The best recipes are the ones we use! Pull together your cookbooks, recipe cards, and magazine clippings. Donate the cookbooks you do not use, throw away the scraps of paper and unused recipes. If you find duplicates or recipes you had saved for a loved one, send them along! Streamline your kitchen reset so the cookbooks and recipes you enjoy and use are easily accessible.

Source: Vermont News Guide

Get to Know…Kelly Moore, Care Operations Manager

Many of you know Kelly as half of SHC’s Scheduling Department (with Shellita). While she will still assist with some scheduling duties, Kelly recently shifted her role and accepted the position of Care Operations Manager. In this role, Kelly will handle caregiver recruiting, retention, and human resource efforts. Kelly describes her role as helping caregivers throughout the onboarding process of joining the SHC team, and continuing communication throughout a caregiver’s career with SHC to ensure a mutually positive and beneficial experience. Her caring, outgoing personality make her the perfect person for the job!

Fun facts about Kelly:

  • Has four kids, two dogs and a horse
  • Loves watching her kids barrel race (a rodeo event in which a horse and rider attempt to run a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels)
  • Loves doing anything outdoors – especially camping, boating, and fishing
  • Favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama

GuardEx: Home Maintenance for Every Season of Life.

As winter gently transitions into spring, GuardEx is dedicated to ensuring your home is prepared for the changing seasons. Our mission revolves around your comfort, safety, and the desire for graceful aging in place.

Winter Essential Maintenance:

GuardEx's Winter Essential Maintenance Package addresses the unique challenges of the season. From HVAC care to smoke alarm checks, we proactively safeguard your home against winter's chill, ensuring a cozy and secure environment.

Seamless Transition to Spring:

As nature awakens, GuardEx seamlessly transitions your home from winter to spring. Our tailored services anticipate and address any potential issues, allowing you to embrace the season with confidence.

Age in Place with GuardEx:

Our collaboration with Seniors Home Care goes beyond services. Together, we empower seniors to gracefully age in place, preserving the warmth of familiar surroundings and cherished memories.

GuardEx actively collaborates with organizations to explore options that help cover costs. Our shared goal is to turn the dream of aging in place into a reality for every community member.

As we embrace the shift from winter to spring, GuardEx stands ready to support your home on this journey. Your home's readiness is our priority, ensuring you can continue cherishing the comfort and independence you deserve.
call: 314-441-4739

May Fleming Award Winners

Every month we award the May Fleming Award (named for founder Kit Whittington’s grandmother and inspiration for starting SHC) to a caregiver who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. These are our most recent winners! 

November - Malika


December - Emily

January - Joanne


Hellen was always on time, always showed for her shift, and picked up extra shifts when needed. She was very compassionate, and truly cared about mom and dad.
                                                Barb R.