Memory Keepers Program

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Memory Keepers classes are a fun and engaging way to keep minds healthy and fit! 

The classes are based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) and other evidence-based models that improve mood, cognition and quality of life. Classes are designed to provide support for individuals living with mild to moderate memory loss, but is also suitable to help older adults with depression, to reduce isolation or for those who just want to stay mentally fit.

Basics of the program:

  • Weekly One on One or group – in person classes
  • Incorporates diverse brain-stimulating activities to enhance cognition.
  • Includes brain games, music and movement, discussions, learning new topics, and socialization.
  • Sessions are challenging yet designed to avoid frustration.
  • Facilitators are trained to maintain a supportive environment, encouraging participants to work together towards success.

Benefits for both the participant and their caregiver.

  • Reducing caregiver stress, helping the caregiver see the person living with dementia in a new light, at a higher function.
  • Gives caregiver respite while their care-recipient attends the class.
  • A shared connection among participants:
    • Participants bond with others facing memory loss, creating a sense of understanding and connection.
    • The environment allows them to be authentic and connect with peers who share similar experiences.
    • Formed friendships become integral and meaningful to individuals within these classes.
  • Collaborative Learning and Confidence Building:
    • Participants work together to solve puzzles and tackle challenges.
    • Learning, discussing new topics, and engaging in conversations contribute to a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
    • This collaborative environment fosters increased confidence among participants.

Science-backed therapy:

  • CST has been heavily researched and is now used in 38 countries and counting.
  • For people with memory loss, the combination of medicines and this intervention provide better results than using just the meds.
  • Based on CST and other EBPs that improve mood, cognition, daily function and quality of life.

Are you concerned about potential disruption or agitation of being in a group setting?
Are you worried that you or your loved one may not quite need the therapy or are too late to participate?  

Dont worry...

Group Socialization Concerns:

  • If so, we suggest observing a class before committing.
  • We maintain a welcoming environment for those facing similar challenges.
  • The class is designed to challenge the brain to keep it sharp. “You may come away feeling that you are doing pretty well, as you get to see what you are capable of!”

Timing Concerns:  Concerned about being too early to participate?

  • Slowing progression and maintaining functionality in class is a great proactive approach.
  • “We can do things early on to slow the progression and stay better functioning for as long as possible. This is one thing that we know will help with that.” 
  • Classes are designed to be engaging for a broad audience, including lifelong learners and individuals who relish discussions on new topics, social interactions, and maintaining mental agility.

Worried about being too late to participate or are self-conscious about your memory loss?

  • We believe you could still benefit and encourage you to try out a complimentary class.
  • Clients with aphasia or who have trouble finding words can still engage in classes.
  • For those who have trouble initiating conversation or forming their thoughts, our facilitator is trained on how to best assist, keep the person engaged and set them up for success.

Memory Keepers can be delivered in a group setting, or 1:1, either in-person or virtually.
Contact us to enroll in our weekly class for people with mild-moderate memory loss.