What to Buy a Senior Citizen for the Holidays

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posted by Ryan Whittington on November 24, 2010

Most gifts I recommend that people buy are geared towards helping a senior citizen increase their levels of independence.  There are always small gifts that you can find online or on the Home Shopping Network that an elder might find interesting.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for a senior citizen for the holidays, that the recipient will truly appreciate, here are some excellent tips and ideas:

Technology and Electronics

Todays elders are becoming more and more interested in digital technology and electronics.  Consider giving a large button cell phone.  These phones are created with seniors citizens or the disabled in mind and include features such as bright screens,  large buttons, speed dialing, caller ID on a large visual display.  A cell phone can also provide added independence for a relatively low cost.

Safety and Security

For someone who lives alone. isolated or recive care in the home, a Medical Emergency Button is a great option.  While this may not seem glamorous, you may save a life by giving it.  The devices, while still in available as a pendant,  have come a long way and can be found as a bracelet, necklace or even as a watch.  There are many different styles and colors available too.  Since the emergency buttons are designed to be worn at all times, it is important to find an option that the recipient will enjoy.   There are many companies that offer medical emergency buttons.  Some are better that others.  For recommendations, contact us.

Scrapbook or Family Photos

When it comes to giving a senior citizen a gift, you don't always need to spend a lot of money.  reminiscing about times past can be an excellent gift. Try reliving a memory or set of special memories through the creation of a scrapbook.  A scrapbook can be created with basic supplies you can find around your house: photos, cards, special notes or quotes from your favorite writer.  There are other scrapbooking options as well.  You can find  complete scrapbooking supplies at stores like Hobby Lobby or ArtMart.

When it comes to senior citizens and gift giving, presenting a scrapbook of family photos or simply reliving a childhood memory can help him/her travel down memory lane.

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