What You Need to Know When Choosing an In-Home Care Provider - Part 2 of 2

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posted by Ryan Whittington on December 14, 2010

In a previous post I outlined several ways to select private duty home care.  In this article I will provide additional questions you should be asking potential private duty home care providers.

Caregiver Qualities

Are the caregivers and employees known for their attentive, friendly, caring and professional demeanor? This is information you will get from references the company will give you.  If a home care company can not provide you quality references to contact, this should be a red flag.

Service Agreement

Do they have a service agreement and does it clearly spell out all of the terms and conditions?  A service agreement or contract should have no hidden language and be clear to read and understand.  Seniors may have a hard time understanding confusing language and small type.

Caregiver Log


Do they have their caregivers maintain an on-going log that summarizes the details of each care session - and is this available for review by the client and/or family members?  A detailed log serves many purposes.  First and foremost it is an account of what took place during the visit with your loved one.  Additionally, a log is a great communication tool  between client, caregiver, office staff and the family.

Business Affiliations

Does the company have relevant business affiliations and certifications like the Better Business Bureau or other memberships that show a commitment to professionalism?  Making a decision to use a company can be scary.  Third party affiliations like the Better Business Bureau and membership in a Chamber of Commerce can validate a companies responsiveness to client requests and overall community involvement.

Agency Ownership Background


What is the educational background of ownership? Do they have any credentials directly applicable to managing care for elderly adults?  This may be the biggest factor of them all.  There are many companies entering the home care market as they realize there is a growing need.  believe it or not, in the state of Missouri, there are no state regulations for Private Duty home care.  Do your homework and make sure the owner or key employees are either nurses or professionals in the home care/health care industry.

Years in Business?

How long has the company been in business?  There is no replacement for experience.  You want to know that the company you use has accurate and appropriate ways of making sure you or your loved one is cared for in the best way possible.  For reference, Seniors Home Care has been in business since 1987; 23 years.

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