Affording Home Care and Long Term Care

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posted by Ryan Whittington on January 12, 2011

With everyone finding ways to stretch their funds, I went to my mom, Kit Whittington RN. BSN, owner of Seniors Home Care and posed the question:

"How can a family maximize their home care dollar?"

"I tell families I work with to be organized and open to professional recommendations.  I am happy to help families in both of theses areas.  Our clients take comfort in knowing that we have their best interest in mind."

A clear and organized plan can aid in a successful home care relationship.

Other ways that Seniors Home Care has been able to help families stretch dollars is by offering 30 min "Quick Visits™" and 1-hour visits.  In some cases, a client may not need several hours in a row.

30 min Quick Visits™ are perfect for a person who needs simple medication reminders or periodic check-ins.  Clients who request this service usually comment that they "don't need someone around the house all day."

One-Hour Visits usually provide enough time for a bath or to prepare a meal.  For those who need help in the morning to get started and again in the evening to go to bed, one-hour visits can be perfect.

For a completely unique home care experience, as about our Express Club.  Express Club offers any regular Seniors Home Care service on your schedule.  No minimum schedules required.

To speak with a Seniors Home Care representative, either contact us or call our office at 314-962-2666.

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