February 2011 Archives

Financial Planners: How to Help Your Clients With Pre-Dementia

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 23, 2011

As a financial planner, you may have known some of your clients to experience dementia realated symptoms over the years. You may be one of the first groups of professionals to identify and face the effects of early cognitive struggles. Alzheimer's and other congnitive imparment diseases can progress quickly and financial management concerns should be addressed.

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Confusion, Agitation, Anxiety in Seniors - Is it Sundowners Syndrome?

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 17, 2011

Sundowning is a term used with Alzheimer's and dementia in order to describe behavior difficulties that can occur in the early morning, late afternoon, evening or night hours.  Sundowning is commonly associated with early stages of Alzheimer's and can be found in senior citizens who are in an unfamiliar setting such as a rehabilitation facility, hospital or have recently moved to assisted living.

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Emergency Preparedness for the Elderly

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 11, 2011

Living along the Gulf of Mexico, on the west coast of Florida, for several years, I became concerned with Hurricane season each year.  In lieu of the past several seasons with devastating storms across the nation, I have become especially concerned for the elderly that I serve.

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Paying for Home Care Services- What You Should Know

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 09, 2011

In Home Care Services, some agencies provide one, some or all of the possible services available. Home Care Services fall into 5 general categories.

  • Homemaker Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Meal Services
  • Home Health Care Services
  • Skilled Health Care Services

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Help Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke in Seniors - Steps to Take

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 02, 2011

I have previously blogged on Heart Disease and it's prevalence in the elderly.  As a Registered Nurse working in the private duty home health care field, I too often see seniors who suffer from the effects of heart attacks, strokes and other heart related conditions.

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