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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Home Care

posted by Ryan Whittington on August 31, 2011

Choosing quality care for aging relatives can be one of the most important decisions any of us will make.  We want our loved ones to be comfortable but also safe and well cared for.  Senior home care services can be the answer for many consumers. These services allow seniors to stay comfortably in their own homes but also provide for qualified professionals to visit regularly to ensure quality care.  There are five important questions anyone should answer before hiring a service:

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Senior Care - Who Will You Call In Case Of Emergency?

posted by Ryan Whittington on August 08, 2011

During these hot summer days, it’s important to avoid the heat by staying in an air-conditioned environment and drinking plenty of water. Ice helps to keep our drinks cold and our bodies hydrated, but there is another kind of ice that can help individuals during an emergency situation. By programming “ICE,” or “In Case of Emergency” contacts in your cell phone, it can help save your life by storing crucial information for first responders.

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Aging Senior Needs - Home Care Resources in the Community

posted by Ryan Whittington on August 05, 2011

Finding resources in your community can be a challenging task.  Ask a family member caring for a loved one, and they will tell you there are times they feel as though the chips have been stacked against them and they just needed help.  As a home care provider, Seniors Home Care regularly helps seniors in the community connect with reliable resources in a attempt to improve the quality of live for seniors in need.

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