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Accountable Care Organizations and Private Duty Home Care

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 28, 2012

The Health Care industry in the United States is undergoing a transformation in the way in which it operates and the mechanism through which it serves the people. Some of the changes include formation of ACO’s or Accountable Care Organizations that bring together health care providers to provide services for which the reimbursements are linked to quality metrics and the savings in the cost of care for the targeted population of patients. Further, the provision of home health care services like medication reminders, dementia/Alzheimer’s care and continued companionship are slowly changing the way in which health care is provided and managed in the US.   Though some of these changes were being conceptualized earlier, the passage of the Affordable Care Act has provided an impetus to drive these services.

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Home Care Company Morale - 10 Warning Signs Yours Is Dipping

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 21, 2012

Low morale can easily creep into a company with a mobile workforce without supervisors realizing it. But once it’s there, it’s hard to root out.

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Companionship Services Exemption - Review Your Process

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 13, 2012

In Missouri, among other states, home care workers provide care to clients who are either restricted to their home or have chosen to receive care at home.  When long hours are involved, one way many agencies provide this care is by utilizing the caregiver companionship services exemption. 

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Improve Your Balance to Prevent Falls: 5 Tips for Seniors

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 08, 2012

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than one in three seniors over the age of 65 suffer a fall each year. Nearly 1.6 million of these injured seniors require an emergency room visit and approximately 5,000 of these falls are fatal. The NIH also asserts falls are the largest cause of hospital admissions, fracture and loss of vitality or independence for seniors. The loss of balance that accompanies age is a key reason for these unwanted falls and their resulting injuries. Here are 5 senior home care tips to help improve your balance, and quality of life.

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