November 2012 Archives

Financial Planners: Tips to Ensure a Successful Meeting with Your Senior Clients

posted by Ted Ryan on November 21, 2012

Financial planning helps ensure that aging seniors can receive the care that they need. A good relationship with their financial advisor is very important. We’ve created a list of tips to help maintain a good relationship with your elderly clients, whose needs may exceed those of the average client.

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Three Ways to Identify Sundowner's Syndrome

posted by Ted Ryan on November 14, 2012

We have all experienced memory loss or forgetfulness. However, as people age, they begin to wonder if their forgetfulness has a more sinister meaning than a simple lapse in memory. They begin to worry about Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other serious cognitive disabilities, such as Sundowner’s Syndrome.

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Assessing Elderly Drivers and the Interesting Results of a New Study

posted by Ted Ryan on November 07, 2012

Confronting the declining driving skills of an elderly loved one can be a daunting task. A recent study in Canada suggests that perhaps this conversation should include more than an aging driver’s family or caregiver. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study found that doctors may have more influence on this touchy subject.

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