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Diabetes, Bunions and Heel Pain – Be Nice to Your Feet

posted by Ted Ryan on September 24, 2013

As many as 87% of Americans report having had painful feet at some time in their lives. Furthermore, one in three people over the age of 65 has foot pain, stiffness or aching feet.

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Free Flu Shots in St. Louis - Fall 2013

posted by Ryan Whittington on September 19, 2013

We are approaching the flu season again.  Beginning as early as September 22, 2013, free flu shots will be offered around the St. Louis area.  


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Medicare Facts Everyone Should Know, But Too Few Do

posted by Ted Ryan on September 18, 2013

When speaking with individuals inquiring about home care services, the topic of Medicare comes up often. It can be a misleading subject because though Medicare does cover some home health care services, they must meet very specific criteria. For this reason, Medicare enrollees may find themselves paying for services out of their own pocket.

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