Hypothermia – An Overlooked Threat to Seniors (Part 2 of 2)

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posted by Ted Ryan on January 13, 2014

When I posted our last blog about hypothermia, St. Louis was feeling its most bitter cold weather in decades. Today, a week later, the weather has turned pleasant and mounds of snow are fading away. It’s a good time to review ways to prepare for the next cold spell and prevent hypothermia before it has a chance to strike.

Such precautions include:

  • Keep your thermostat set to at least 68˚F
  • Stay inside on cold and windy days
  • Always wear a hat and gloves
  • Wear layers and avoid tight clothing, which deters blood flow and cause loss of body heat
  • Ask your doctor how medications you take affect body heat
  • Drink plenty of fluid (avoid alcohol, which makes you lose body heat faster)
  • Maintain a healthy diet

Most importantly, use the buddy system. Frequently check on elderly neighbors, friends and family – especially those living alone. In addition to checking on a senior’s well-being, an SHC caregiver can make nutritious meals, help dress in warm clothes and provide many more services that keep your loved one safe and grant you peace of mind.  Remember one easy step to learn more: Contact us.

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