SHC’s Top 6 Summer Tips for St. Louis Seniors

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posted by Ted Ryan on July 29, 2014

The unusually mild weather makes it hard to believe that summer’s over halfway through.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite posts to help you enjoy the rest of the season – whether it’s pleasant outdoor walking weather or a good day to stay inside and enjoy the A/C.

Senior Friendly Activities to Beat the Heat
When the toasty dog days of summer rear their ugly head, don’t let it keep you from enjoying some of St. Louis’ finest spots.
Senior Exercise Tips to Keep a Healthy Body and Mind
A proper exercise routine – no matter how light – does wonders for the mind and body. Though this was originally posted as a way to avoid cold weather, it equally applies to the heat.
Keeping the Elderly Hydrated – Being Creative
Hydration is an important issue for seniors year round. In the summer, it becomes even more so – for seniors and people of all ages.
Elderly in Jeopardy During Heat Wave
The body’s ability to recognize and react to temperature change decreases with age. Awareness and being proactive are the best ways to avoid health risks.
Sports Therapy – March Madness and Stan Musial
Cardinals fans are best in the world. Enjoy a game with senior sports fans in your life – it’ll be a great time and can be quite beneficial to your elderly loved ones.
Emergency Disaster Preparedness for Seniors
Missouri has seen tragic natural disasters in recent summers. Proper preparation is the key to safety.

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