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posted by Ted Ryan on February 24, 2015

When it comes to finding care services for a loved one, you don’t want any caregiver – you want the best. Many considerations go into selecting an in-home care provider, so thorough screening and background checks are key. 

That ace nursing school student might sound great, but what if she’s never cared for a senior first hand? Will someone with great experience at an assisted living facility be a good fit for a more free structured home care setting?

A home care company is only as good as the caregivers they employ. Asking the right questions will help find the right fit and avoid surprises.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Home Care Company


1.  What qualifications do your caregivers have? How are they trained?

SHC requires all caregivers to have prior experience in the home care field. Reference checks are performed on all applicants before interviewing with an SHC registered nurse. Once hired, caregivers complete a training program administered by professional instructors that includes basic nursing skills and physical therapy applications.

2.  Are your caregivers employees or independent contractors? Who handles payroll and required taxes for the caregiver? Are employees bonded and insured?

Don’t become an accidental employer. SHC employs all of our caregivers, taking responsibility for all federal and state tax requirements, liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment and social security tax obligations.

3.  What background checks are run on caregivers?

SHC conducts checks including: Family Care Safety Registry, criminal and driving records, employment and professional references and skills testing. All caregivers also undergo pre-employment and ongoing random drug testing.

Additional questions to ask before choosing a home care company can be found here.

At SHC, we pride ourselves for having the best of the best caregivers the St. Louis area has to offer. If you have further questions about finding the best home care solution for your situation, please to contact us

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