Elements of a Premium Home Care Company- Specialized Training

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posted by Ted Ryan on October 29, 2015

As baby boomers are turning gray and life expectancies rise, entrepreneurs are seeing profitable opportunities in private duty home care. With so many companies popping up, what differentiates the best from the rest?

One leading factor is specialized care.

Caregivers trained to understand chronic diseases provide more specialized care to seniors with issues such as dementia, congestive heart failure, stroke and diabetes. In addition to providing superior care, they are able to continue caring for seniors as their situations change and conditions progress.

An educated caregiver is much more likely to notice and report signs of serious health issues or medical side effects. This helps reduce risk of hospitalization.

To deliver premier services to seniors and individuals needing assistance, SHC training begins when a caregiver is hired and continues through the duration of their career with SHC. Instances of training at SHC include:

  • In-house orientation taught by an SHC registered nurse to establish standards and expectations of an SHC caregiver.

  • Off-site training by professional instructors that includes basic nursing skills and physical therapy applications.

  • Required monthly reading (and testing for understanding) covering topics relevant to providing senior care in the home setting.

  • “On the job” training, as necessary. This often involves a new piece of equipment or change in client need.

  • Around-the-clock on-call nursing support for any situation in which a caregiver, client or family member has a concern or question.

SHC training does not stop at our caregivers. Every other month we host Seniors Home Care University, a free, interactive course for individuals caring for a loved one.

SHC’s CPR classes are also now open to the public for $50.00. Classes are offered throughout the year to ensure that all SHC caregivers maintain CPR certification.

If you would like to attend any of our community training opportunities, or to experience SHC’s premier home care services, please contact us.

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