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December 2015

SHC University – A Great (Free!) Resource for Family Caregivers of St. Louis

posted by Ted Ryan on December 30, 2015

We created SHC University to provide education and support to families and caregivers through practical and interactive training by professionals. It's a fantastic opportunity to get insight from an industry veteran with a passion to help and advocate for the senior population.Read More…

Checking on Senior Loved Ones Over the Holidays

posted by Ted Ryan on December 21, 2015

For many of us, the holidays are a time to enjoy being with family. This time together can sometimes reveal aspects of an elderly loved one’s condition that are less apparent during brief visits or phone conversations. 

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Holiday Depression – The Gift of Companionship

posted by Ted Ryan on December 10, 2015

When cold weather arrives, we often think of elderly loved ones and worry about slipping on ice and risk of hypothermia. Less obvious, but equally important, is depression.Read More…