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Planning for Long Term Care - Long Term Care Insurance

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 29, 2010

There are many considerations to take when purchasing a long term care insurance policy.  In this article I am going to highlight several talking points.

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What to Buy a Senior Citizen for the Holidays

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 24, 2010

Most gifts I recommend that people buy are geared towards helping a senior citizen increase their levels of independence.  There are always small gifts that you can find online or on the Home Shopping Network that an elder might find interesting.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for a senior citizen for the holidays, that the recipient will truly appreciate, here are some excellent tips and ideas.

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Senior Home Safety - What you need to know about Durable Medical Equipment

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 22, 2010

Part of a good assessment should include assessing the needs for devices such as a wheel chair, bedside commode and/or grab bars.  In the medical industry, this is called Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

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The Seniors Home Care Difference - Gaining Your Trust

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 15, 2010

When I am talking with our clients, they tell me that trust is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.  Trust is huge.  How does a family know if a caregiver is going to steal money from a wallet, know what to do in the home or not be on their cell phone the whole time?

When you look for home care services, you are really looking for someone you can trust.  At Seniors Home Care we understand.

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Alzheimers Disease and Home Care - You need to watch this video!

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 12, 2010

Alzheimer's Disease can show many different faces depending on how it affects each person.  For some it may mean an increased level of aggression and for others it may be wandering.

Before I get into ways to recognize Alzheimer's Disease, first lets get an understanding of the disease itself.

Below is a great 3-minute video that describes what is going on inside the brain and body during the different stages of alzheimer's.

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Veterans Day - Home Care Makes a Difference in Veterans Lives

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 11, 2010

Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits can make a huge difference in a persons life, however, the actual benefit still remains somewhat a mystery.  Some say the benefits are too good to be true while others swear the benefit has allowed them to remain independent longer.

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What You Need to Know When Choosing an In-Home Care Provider - Part 1 of 2

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 10, 2010

Living in the comfort of their own home is a rapidly increasing choice among the elderly as physical capabilities inevitably diminish.  The need for help outside the family becomes a real necessity.  When living at home with minimal help becomes too difficult or dangerous, it may be time to consider an in-home care provider.  Professional caregivers enable the elderly to maintain their dignity, receiving safe and reliable care in the comfort of thier home, while avoiding uncomfortable situations such as nursing homes.  Another important benefit is the respite and peace-of-mind that family members gain from knowing their loved one's are properly cared for.  Additionally, as hospital stays become shorter, an increasing number of patients need highly competent caregiver services when they return home.

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Care In Home For a Senior With Diabetes - Proper Nutrition Tips

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 09, 2010

November is American Diabetes month so it seems appropriate to discuss appropriate food choices for those with diabetes.

Proper nutrition is important for all people but is especially critical for those with diabetes.  As a professional in a home care company, I see many clients with diabetes levels that are out of control.  When a Seniors Home Care nurse does an assessment and identifies a client with diabetes, they always talk about the persons diet.  Lowering or limiting certain foods can make a dramatic change in a persons attitude and overall mood.

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Senior Home Health: Winter Season Tips

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 04, 2010

My name is Lydia and I am a nurse at Seniors Home Care.  I find great joy in helping to create a plan of care that is most appropriate and customized for each client.  I also make sure each client receives the best possible care.  This is achieved through constant communication with caregivers, clients, client families (when appropriate) and other professionals in the community. Lets face it, situations change and communication is key.  I would like to talk a little bit about having a safe winter.

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Home Care Talk: Senior Falls

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 03, 2010

When I talk with families about caring for the elderly and safety in the home, falls and fractures seem to always come up.  Our senior clients tell us they are terrified they are going to fall and their children are equally worried as well.  Proper fall prevention strategies should always be included in a home safety evaluation.  For a complete home care checklist, please contact us.

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